Module 1 Report

On the 29th January this year, 21 young adults from different faith/cultural backgrounds gathered for the first module of the National Nonviolent Leadership training program for Interfaith Peacebuilders.  This inaugural program, run by Pace e Bene Australia invited participants to learn how to address violence and promote interfaith/intercultural understanding within their communities across Australia.

The first residential retreat was absolutely brilliant. It exceeded all of our expectations and being with the young leaders was so exciting. The 21 participants spent the week talking, listening, growing, washing dishes, eating meals, swimming, playing music and even dancing together!  One of the important learnings for the participants was around the 5 steps of nonviolent communication.  Many participants commented on how absolutely life-changing this experience was.

“I came here being a victim of violence all my life.  My country and as part of a minority I have always been the target of violence.  Coming here I’ve realized nonviolence is a sign of power not weakness.  Power within and not lack of force when people do something to me.  It has been part of my destiny to be here” (Participant)

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