Participant Community Projects

Participant Projects are still being developed and implemented.  Please read below for outlines on current projects.  MORE TO COME…
Edwina James
Using my skills in graphic design and printmedia, I plan to design and print graphic t-shirts which use imagery and/or text to address the issues of violence.
 I seek to engage audience predominately young adults.  By keeping the t-shirts non for profit, the buying cost will be very low (hopefully maximum of $10) so that anyone can buy them, but most importantly, in their wearing the shirts I hope that it will serve as a conversation stimulator amongst their friends, family and passersby in the street.

I seek to address the need of awareness. Most young people near where I live (Melbourne) often do not concern themselves with anything unless in concerns themselves. By creating wearable art with a strong non-violent message behind it, I hope that having it literally in young people’s faces will mean that they will stop and look for a second and through discourse they will become more aware of the complete injustice of the use of violence and war.

Daniel Christiansz
The aim of this project is to foster better understandings of the positive role that religion and interfaith dialogue can play in society. People will be able to learn about peace builders from diverse backgrounds in a non-intimidating setting. I would also like to see a better understanding of active non-violence and its role in conflict and societal transformation.
I plan to engage previously unengaged people through new media, intellectual discussion, and hot topics. The audience will hopefully be people who are new to the topics of interfaith and peace building.
I am planning on addressing the wider Australian community. This will hopefully curb racism and hatred of particular groups in society though understanding and discussion.


Christel Palmer
A zine about non-violence and interfaith / cross cultural dialogue that the other course participants could use as a resource (e.g. give out at uni)… it would be a collaborative project because I would ask the course participants to send me any quotes / poems / song lyrics / rants / art that I would include in it.
Lauren Porter
This vision will be achieved by what I have called a “Faith Exchange” where we (the participants) visit each other’s places of worship and participate in those forms of worship. This can be in whatever capacity the host wants to share. I made it clear through the invitation that this is not a massive commitment, but rather something fun and informal that we can share. The only thing asked of participants is to write up a page (or however much they want) at the end of the month detailing what they have taken away from the experience.
Liam Grant, Yasir Hussaini, Peter Trieu, Arefa Hassani,  Marziya Mohammadi
Thursday April 5th : 6-8:30pm at CitySoul 13 Hutt St, Adelaide
The first of hopefully many times to break intolerance and break bread together. A time of feasting, dialogue and learning together about faith, peace-building and the common thread of humanity that connects us.
Come ready to make new friends, share your story and be part of a diverse, inclusive movement in our community.
We would also love your input, as this movement is something we hope will take form and shape as we all question and learn together. So any idea’s for this or other events to come would be great!
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See-Yeung Olivia
Sunday April 1st   10am – 4pm: A day retreat for Young Adults between the ages of 18 years and 30 years – invitation attached
Where: Brahma Kumaris Centre for Spiritual Learning, 186 Mount Hay Road Leura NSW 2780
Booking Essential:
Come and enjoy meeting with like minded young adults in a peaceful bush environment. Explore the power of choice and inner calm in this fast modern lifestyle through quality conversations. A vegetarian lunch will be provided.
Kate Appleyard
I seek to achieve the vision by organising and running a Women’s Spirituality Group in Telopea, that promote interfaith and intercultural understanding and learning. This group will also include women who are feeling isolated and have no sense of belonging in the faith or community. This group will also provide language of connection, growth within ones-self and nonviolence.
Asha Kurap
The aim of this project is to get the youth within the Brahma Kumaris to practically apply the ideologies and philosophy of our faith to a tangible and relevant topic, such as nonviolence.
Francis Voon
The project is called PeaceMeal and involves gathering a group of 6-10 people to share meals over 6 weeks. At each session, the focus will be on one of the 6 Principles for Nonviolent Living and Peacebuilding (developed by McKeague, Chappell & Trippe, 2010). At the end of the 6 weeks, each member is invited to initiate their own PeaceMeal (or some other project that they have been inspired to start) with another group that they will organise and facilitate. After another 6 weeks, the original members of the first PeaceMeal meet again for a catchup meal and discuss how their PeaceMeals (or other non-violence projects) are going.
First Meal : Saturday 31 March 11:00am @ Hyde Park Fountain, picnic at Botanical Gardens
Welcome to lunch! But not just any old lunch. Over the sharing of our food, we invite you to share stories about Peace & Nonviolence. I wonder what this conversation, these friends you haven’t met yet, could inspire in you …What are the principles of nonviolence? What does peace look like today in our society? What are practical things we can do to engage and live peacefully and nonviolently? How does faith or spirituality speak of nonviolence? Could meals help us to cultivate peace?Please bring: Yourself, a friend and your stories. Also, very importantly, food & drink that you would like to share with others. Bring a picnic rug if you can. Cutlery, plates and cups will be provided.
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Alice McMonagle
Getting young adults from different faith traditions together to discuss ways we might be able to work together for peace/justice/community building in our community/nation/world
Carl O’Sullivan
My project is to run an initial dvd screening of  ‘Pray the Devil Back to Hell’ and discussion night, to scope out a group of people who are interested enough to form the offline group of the Facebook Group ‘TRANSFORMED NONCONFORMIST‘.  DVD screening and discussion in a central location at a convenient time. The DVD is ‘Pray the Devil Back to Hell’, which I have chosen because the incredible impact this non-violent campaign had in Liberia. It raises all kinds of interesting points for discussion including inter-faith cooperation and partnership, grass roots non-violent action vs armed intervention, and the powerful role of women and the marginalised in conflict. The location chosen is Macquarie University, and the event has been organised with the support of The Salvation Army Macquarie University, a student group who are able to book university resources without cost.
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