The Challenge

Every generation has its challenges to face and ours is no different.  We face crucial social, political, military, economic and ecological challenges, some of which pose substantial threats to a healthy future for our humanity.  Our pages in history are being written now. What kind of people might it take for these pages to read that our generation seriously engaged the violence, intolerance and injustice present in its lifetime? 

We believe it is going to take young people who are:

  • Skilled in nonviolent leadership,
  • Highly motivated towards interfaith dialogue and cooperation
  • Aligned with their identity and purpose at this time in history,
  • Strong and committed to their spirituality,
  • Deeply grounded with skills in self care
  • Able to stand firm for the reality of nonviolence, tolerance and justice for our shared communities.     

THE NONVIOLENT INTERFAITH LEADERSHIP PROGRAM  is designed to cultivate these capacities in you.