“I think this program should be made available to anyone and everyone.  The Australian community would be so joyously different if it was.  The program is such a great investment in the future.  I would recommend it to EVERYONE!”


“I’ve already recommended it to lots of my friends.  It’s a unique opportunity to critique dominant patterns of violence and control and learn the first steps for imagining nonviolent alternatives.  I don’t know of anyone else offering a similar program.”


“This event was with all honesty life changing for me.  I would love more of my friends, “Muslim friends” in particular to be heard, to get the opportunity to listen to others as well, so that they can get out of their own limited world that has led to so much gap and misunderstanding towards others.”


“ABSOLUTELY!  This course is highly effective and empowering.  I feel significantly more like a leader in nonviolence and believe that all of us are capable and likely to significantly change how our worlds interact and mainstream nonviolence.  I think every young (and not so young)-everyone who is still interested in learning about themselves with a passion to improve their world should do this program!”


“I would definitely recommend this program to others, simply because I have learnt and grown so much from what I have learnt.  The people I have met, the facilitators have all been very special and I am definitely a changed person.  I believe I can make a real difference now.”

“The PeBA non-violent leadership program is a powerful example of what is possible when religious traditions share their tools for peace.  They have clearly succeeded in creating a powerful space for transformation, where personal struggles and traumas (that may be the seeds for extremism or violence) can be healed, opening the doors to true reconciliation. I have no hesitation offering my endorsement of this program.”

Ven. Freeman Trebilcock, Founder & Chairperson, InterAction


“It was freeing and liberating to find out that we are all pursuing the same thing…a peaceful world.  And how it is even more powerful and special when we do it together” (PARTICIPANT)


“It transformed my idea of community.  I now believe that those with differing faith backgrounds can get along and achieve peace if they have a commitment to nonviolence.”  (Participant)


“I am a totally different person from who I was 5 days ago” (PARTICIPANT)

“I will start dealing with my complexities and shadow non-violently and am so ready to be open to criticism and will to keep learning more deeply about nonviolent living. Yes, I am so gonna keep the courage up to break away from the deep rooted thousands of years of old norms by spreading awareness, knowledge and light into Muslim communities and Western friends.”   (PARTICIPANT)

“My vision to spread nonviolent teachings and concepts has far stretched to targeting and tackling some of the very radical and extreme ideologies within Afghan community by starting to form a reading club where we would read books about nonviolence.”


“Everyone here is a good friend and so it has not simply been dialogue, but deep connection, understanding and friendship.  If only all inter-cultural and interfaith dialogue took this approach.

I am in a much better place to engage in interfaith dialogue because of what I have learnt from module two.

Without doubt this has been a huge area of growth.  It’s so rare to have the chance for honest dialogue and learning in a non-judgemental atmosphere.  My appreciation for the richness of other faith traditions has grown hugely; these days have been great first steps.”

“I now feel supported in working towards transforming violence.  It is a tough job and it is wonderful to be mentored by such wise friends.  The learnings that have occurred throughout module 2 have just blown me away.”


“The program has DEFINITELY given me the skills and confidence to promote nonviolence in such a way that I meet the needs of secular groups as well as individuals, who may only have simple needs for peace in use.

The peace building skills I made doing this course will equip me for the rest of my life to help transform myself and the world into a better place.”