Who is the program for?

Put simply, the program is for everyone.

This program is designed to cultivate nonviolent leadership and build capacity in people from faith based communities and organisations across Australia.This leadership program has so far benefited over 60 leaders across the Australian community from a broad range of faith based communities and organisations. 

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Past Participants


More Quotes from Past Participants

“I am a totally different person from who I was 5 days ago”
“I came here being a victim of violence all my life.  My country and as part of a minority I have always been the target of violence.  Coming here I’ve realized nonviolence is a sign of power not weakness.  Power within and not lack of force when people do something to me.  It has been part of my destiny to be here” 
“It was freeing and liberating to find out that we are all pursuing the same thing…a peaceful world.  And how it is even more powerful and special when we do it together” 
“Helped me in having an open minded approach to not only other faiths and cultures but towards my life as well.  In that being said I sense there is hope for change within our community.”  
“It transformed my idea of community.  I now believe that those with differing faith backgrounds can get along and achieve peace if they have a commitment to nonviolence.” 
“As we learned: ‘what we will not process within ourselves, we will project onto someone else’. I will start dealing with my complexities and shadow non-violently and am so ready to be open to criticism and will to keep learning more deeply about nonviolent living. Yes, I am so gonna keep the courage up to break away from the deep rooted thousands of years of old norms by spreading awareness, knowledge and light into Muslim communities and Western friends.”