THE CHALLENGE Every generation has its challenges to face and ours is no different.  We face crucial social, political, military, economic and ecological challenges, some of which pose substantial threats to a healthy future for our humanity.  Our pages in history are being written now. What kind of people might […]

The Program

2 April – 7 April 2017 FULL FEE $1000 :  Suitable for individuals from organisations who can provide Professional Development opportunities ASSISTED FEE $500 : Suitable for individuals and organisations with reduced financial capacity ‘COST IS NO BARRIER POLICY’ : If you or your organization cannot pay please contact us to discuss what options might […]

The Cost

2 April – 7 April 2017 MELBOURNE, VIC Edmund Rice Centre ‘Amberley’ is a Retreat, Conference and Spirituality Centre situated on a bend of the Yarra River in Lower Plenty overlooking Westerfolds Park to the Dandenong Ranges.  ‘Amberley’ is approximately 20 kilometres from the heart of Melbourne.  Nestled on 20 […]

The Venue

2 April – 7 April 2017 Ann Morgan Ann has almost thirty years experience as an educator, including facilitating groups with young people and adults of all different backgrounds, engaging in dialogue and reflection. Her early career experience of working in multi-faith and ethnically diverse Borneo, Malaysia, gave Ann a […]

The Facilitators

Invest now in youth leadership to create future value for humanity and our Earth. Join us in co-sponsoring two candidates from the Philippines to the  Nonviolent Interfaith Leadership Program 2017  We would like to offer you the opportunity to co-sponsor a young Filipino leader to attend the program in April […]

Great Sponsor Opportunity

Want to know more about nonviolent leadership before applying for 2017. This set of videos explores how this course is inspiring a new type of leader.      

A New Type of Leader

Put simply, the program is for everyone. This program is designed to cultivate nonviolent leadership and build capacity in people from faith based communities and organisations across Australia.This leadership program has so far benefited over 60 leaders across the Australian community from a broad range of faith based communities and organisations.  Scroll […]

Who is the program for?