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SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY: Join us in co-sponsoring two candidates from the Phillipines to the Nonviolent Interfaith Leadership Program 2017.




2 April – 7 April 2017


Here is your chance to help grow leaders who are committed to pursuing peacemaking and nonviolence in their communities.  Gifts of $2 or more are tax deductible

Payment Details:

Cheques can be made out to Pace e Bene Australia, and sent to 5/63 Roslyn St, Brighton VIC 3186.

Internet Banking

BSB 633-000

Account: 138001524

Name: Pace e Bene Australia Peace Fund

Reference: your surname

(and then please email our Treasurer at d.****@oz*****.au with your details so he can send you a receipt).

What is the Program?

“…It’s a unique opportunity to critique dominant patterns of violence and control and learn the first steps for imagining nonviolent alternatives.  I don’t know of anyone else offering a similar program.”

“I am a totally different person from who I was 5 days ago”

You can help invest in people being trained in Nonviolent Leadership.

The depth of transformation this program produced in the people from different faith and different local communities from right across Australia has been INCREDIBLE.  Those people who attended the course have now returned to their communities across Australia and are implementing their own projects to counter intolerance and violence in their communities.  These leaders have gained :

  • A deeper commitment to living and working from an interfaith perspective;
  • Knowledge, skills and awareness of nonviolence
  • Leadership skills to help their local communities take action to counter intolerance and violent extremist messages;
  • Begun engaging their communities through applying their knowledge to community projects that is expected reaching hundreds of others
  • The necessary skills to sustain their nonviolent community leadership by developing and participating in a national network of nonviolent leaders.

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